The Power to Shape the Brain you Want

How do we learn? And how do some people learn more quickly than other? Dr Lara Boyd, a Brain Researcher at the University of British Colombia, has studied the brain for many years. She says 'it is one of the great frontiers in understanding human physiology - what makes us who we are? What we [...]

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Autistic Girl expresses Unimaginable Intelligence

Carly Fleischmann was born in Toronto, Canada as one of twin girls. It became clear at the age of 2 years old that Carly hadn't developed as quickly as her twin and doctors finally confirmed the worst and diagnosed her with severe autism. The medical professionals said that there was little to be done to [...]

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Study Shows we are Born Creative Geniuses but the ‘Education’ System Dumbs us Down

A study in the US, originally developed by Dr George Land and Beth Jarman for NASA to effectively measure the creative potential of their rocket scientists and engineers, has discovered some very surprising statistics related to creativity and genius in young children. The test was based on the process of 'divergent thinking' - the ability to look at a particular [...]

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