Emotional Intelligence

Autistic Girl expresses Unimaginable Intelligence

Carly Fleischmann was born in Toronto, Canada as one of twin girls. It became clear at the age of 2 years old that Carly hadn't developed as quickly as her twin and doctors finally confirmed the worst and diagnosed her with severe autism. The medical professionals said that there was little to be done to [...]

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Raising Attainment through Theta Groups

You may know about our Theta Groups from a previous blog I wrote last year. The Theta Programme is aimed at children for whom social and emotional barriers have a detrimental impact on academic achievement. It is widely acknowledged that disengaged, angry, tired or over stimulated children are unable to access learning and therefore are [...]

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A Typical Day in the Theta Room

A Typical day in Theta Room - Reflections from staff The creation of a Theta family experience underpins our whole day and the regular rhythm of being home and safe and going into class to develop a feeling of belonging. Our room is deliberately designed to engage different learning experiences and made up of various [...]

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