HeaducationUK, launched by The Shaw Mind Foundation, along with key allies from the charity sector, mental health activists and clinical psychologists, is the national crusade for compulsory mental health education in the UK. The aim is to make mental health education (MHE) compulsory in every primary and secondary school in the UK.

A petition raised earlier in the year calling on the government to get involved reached over 100,000 signatures by the 3 May deadline, showing that there is overwhelming public and professional support for compulsory MHE. This is the first time in British history that a mental health charity has reached over 100,000 signatures on the Petition Parliament website.

Following on from this, the new petitions committee decided to go ahead and debate our petition in parliament on the 6 November, a phenomenal achievement made possible by each and every one of our supporters, and giving a clear indication of the public’s appetite for this kind of social change.

Click here to read more about the petition and mental health eduction.