Our Approach

A Quiet Place, taking you from start to finish…

From Well-Being in the Work Place to Every Child Matters, A Quiet Place prides itself on client understanding and involvement. Developing each multi-sensory healing environment is a tailored process, taking into account specific needs for schools, communities and corporate organisations.

By sitting down with staff and children alike and developing action plans alongside targets, the A Quiet Place Design Team then create themes and colour palettes to be used within the designated area.

To guarantee that A Quiet Place is fully functional, achieving all the set goals and is managed by appropriate members, three key roles are developed. Not only does this help with the day-to-day running of A Quiet Place, but with longer term goals and direction. Each area consists of:

A Quiet Place Champions…

Each ‘Champion’ is a true ambassador for positive change within their environment and A Quiet Place helps each client in identifying these key personnel. With responsibilities in joint strategic planning, implementation, delivery and training, a Champion provides a vital link to each client.

Champions are passionate about A Quiet Place’s success and have the capability to act as change agents within their own organisations. They are recruited from the leadership team, governors/trustees, parents and children/young people within the client’s environment.

A Quiet Place Facilitators…

The Facilitator has a pivotal role as ‘scene setters’ and provides the day to day running of A Quiet Place. Each member delivers the programmes, collates and submits evaluation data and co-ordinates the work of the body worker and the self management programme team.

The facilitator is recruited from the school staff and trained through a twelve to eighteen month part time action learning course that mirrors and enhances the A Quiet Place emotional intelligence curriculum. Close supervision and highly structured levering of experiences results in trainee facilitators beginning to deliver programmes within weeks of the completion of the environment.

A Quiet Place Body Workers…

Each Body Worker can be a member of a client’s team, a parent or specifically bought in by the school to deliver massage and training to both adults and children alike.

By developing key roles and staffing procedures, A Quiet Place can monitor and measure:Creation and Implementation of the A Quiet Place environment.

  • Awareness of A Quiet Place
  • Creation and Implementation of the A Quiet Place environment.
  • Sampling of A Quiet Place by all members of the organisation and their feedback.
  • Delivery of A Quiet Place programmes to pupils, parents, staff and others associated with the organisation.
  • Training of key staff and their understanding.
  • Data collection and input.
  • Reports from annual data collection to present to children, parents, staff, governors and local and national Government bodies including Ofsted.
Whether the client is a High School looking to improve class concentration and attendance, a Private School wanting to improve performance or a business looking for employee retention, each receives the following:

  • The creation of a unique, tailored therapeutic environment
  • Quality assurance, consultancy and collaborative management
  • Annual Reports for national benchmarking
  • The A Quiet Place Self Management Programme
  • Follow on services to help sustain and develop further programmes

Our History

A Quiet Place started from extremely humble beginnings, in essence an idea developed by founder Penelope Moon. Initially trained as a classroom teacher, Penny then qualified as a psychotherapist in 1987. With many years experience teaching all ages and abilities Penny went on to develop the Early Years Behaviour Team in 1992, supporting families of children with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties. It was from this passion for offering effective and holistic support that A Quiet Place was born.
Educational Therapeutics provides the underpinning research of the holistic approach of the A Quiet Place system, incorporating the techniques of N.L.P, stress management, yoga, bodywork, relaxation, meditation, story telling and Computer Bio Feedbacks, including HeartMath. It acknowledges and works with the aims and social objectives of each client, offering an extensive skill base in an integrated manner.
Working to support the user’s body, mind, emotions and spirit within the context of his or her whole self, each staff member is trained in multiple areas and those who are chosen or volunteer to deliver programmes are closely supervised. It is a universal, non stigmatising concept that supports the client’s entire community, helping to unlock the potential of every individual – something which Penny and the A Quiet Place team is extremely passionate about.