A Quiet Moment 


“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” 

― Leo Buscaglia


A Quiet Place (AQP) vision is to support the well being through a holistic range of therapeutic interventions designed to be personalised for all ages and abilities.

Anxiety underpins nearly all human issues and is the body’s physiological response to stress. Thus learning how to understand the process with simple techniques that empower the individual to manage their own anxiety will be a first step to dealing with whatever other issues may arise.

A Quiet Moment was specifically designed for use with adults who maybe in a position to need a little bit more effective social interaction. 

A Quiet Moment aims to help reduce anxiety levels in order to add value and quality to each contact, whether in passing or during a more formal time. This in turn will impact on the relationship positively and make each additional meeting more effective and meaningful for both of you.

Using a unique multi sensory combination of communication and relaxation techniques, including Mindfulness and massage, the time spent may become more purposeful and pleasant for both people taking part.

It is essential with these simple but powerful techniques to be sensitive to the clients needs, using them at different times appropriate to the situation. Application of these techniques personalised to the individual is key to their success in achieving the outcomes you want with your client.


To develop compassionate and skilled practitioners who are trained up in the delivery of an effective programme designed to help reduce anxiety.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is working with the elderly or dementia sufferers in the community or residentially.

Question: What is the one key factor common to working with people of all ages and abilities?

Answer:  Anxiety

  • Understanding the physiology of anxiety is essential to the management of stress
  • Research has shown that stress can cause as well as exacerbate poor physical and mental health.
  • Reducing anxiety can therefore provide the body and mind time to begin the process of healing and recovery.


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The nature of the training provided as part of A Quiet Moment resulted in a project being undertaken as a partnership between Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton (a well known local charity) and A Quiet Place.  The Lottery funded project, called Just Relax, is a mindfulness and relaxation project designed specifically for older people.

Click here to read the Project Evaluation report undertaken by Age Concern about Just Relax.


Feedback received following A Quiet Moment training:    

AQP Moment leaflet


“Found it empowering and uplifting.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed today, all activities very helpful.”

“Very knowledgeable trainers leaving me wanting to know more.”

“Very thought provoking.”

“We got through so much.”

“Will take time to look after myself so as to be able to give more to others.”

“Very valuable tools when working with older and vulnerable clients, very gentle, very effective.”

“A kind, safe and loving atmosphere.”