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A Quiet Place environments are unique, unlike any other rooms they are designed as healing as well as a learning space. They are designed deliberately to be places of beauty and enchantment, an Aladdin’s Cave filled with very specifically chosen multi sensory items which enhance the atmosphere and are specific to the programmes that take place within the rooms. Children start to whisper as they go through the door and that is the first step to making safe change in the in this consistent and still place. The rooms, whilst deliberately designed with low tech., use the very latest bio and neural feedback software for the self management programmes. On entry a sense of calm and peace would seem to begin a process of change to the brain waves to a quieter state where hope and possibilities may start to blossom. The environments instil a senses of curiosity, wonder and relaxation with a bit of ‘twinkle’ but hardly any ‘bling’.

They are a place where social, spiritual and moral values can begin to grow in a world that is constantly flooding the senses with change and noise.

Here are a few examples of A Quiet Place environments, it is however the ‘feel ‘ of the room which brings about the magic!