A Quiet Place Environment

A beautiful, therapeutic and healing environment…

Once the A Quiet Place team has sat down with a client, a fully tailored and themed space is then developed within which the programmes take place. Taken from a detailed analysis of needs and requirements, each space is individually designed, painted, furnished and can include specialised resources to deliver the extended emotional intelligence curriculum.

The members of the design team are highly trained creative artists who hold many years of experience and expertise. Each unique A Quiet Place environment can be designed within a specified room, corridors, receptions or designated sanctuary areas on three levels:

  1. Pictures
  2. Murals
  3. A full room including all resources and programmes necessary to deliver A Quiet Place Curriculum

Artwork with impact…












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By creating each multi-sensory environment, A Quiet Place allows clients to support the development of well-being within education, community and health provision environments. Each can be tailored around:

  • Learning Environments – for primary and secondary schools, colleges, play areas, children’s centres and special needs schools
  • Healing Environments – hospitals, clinics, care homes, children’s homes, community centres, break out spaces, youth clubs

Emotional intelligence curriculum within your environment…

Once a full A Quiet Place has been implemented, structured timetabled activities can then take place within it. Specifically focusing on ‘Mind Your Own Business’ approaches which concentrate on the present and future dreams and aspirations, the curriculum encourages:

  • Play in a relaxed environment
  • Engagement with others and story telling
  • Attendance in relaxation sessions
  • Highly creative visualisation

A Quiet Place Self Management Programme


Adding value for each client…

The A Quiet Place Self Management programme is a value added service that supports children, young people and adults of all ages and abilities with learning and behaviour techniques. The programme can run alongside and within the general curriculum to support learning by management of the arousal system.

The techniques and resources have all been built to offer an all round approach to personal development, whatever age group a client is working with. By helping each person to manage their physiology more successfully, empowerment and understanding are built in from the beginning.

Programmes that are developed and tailored…

The Self Management Programme techniques consist of:

  • Bio feedback programmes (including HeartMath em-wave) to recognise the inner process.
  • Breathing techniques in tandem with the A Quiet Place Music CD.
  • Cross lateral exercises.
  • Meditation consisting of simple, calming and focused brain exercise.

Monitoring each result…

The outcomes are extremely powerful and can be monitored throughout the journey with A Quiet Place workbooks and the bio feedback programmes. The results include:

  • Improvement in managing behaviour
  • Increased self esteem and self awareness
  • Empathy and understanding toward others
  • Improved communication skills
  • Increased resilience
  • Improvement in attainment, attendance and relationships

Each client receives a full report that includes quantitative and qualitative information on the impact of A Quiet Place within the organisation and including the effects toward students, staff and families.

A Quiet Place Body Work/Massage


Care and dedication…

Massage is an important part of the A Quiet Place protocol and must be done with care in order to keep children safe. Much research shows the connection between touch, emotional health and well being. Massage is offered in conjunction with a number of programmes to assist with relaxation and reduce tension.




A Quiet Place massage techniques aim to:

            • Understand appropriate and safe touch
            • Develop non verbal communication skills
            • Develop compassion
            • Develop an ability to touch in a caring way
            • Develop a 5 to 10 minute programme of basic massage techniques that teachers can continue to practice with the class

Participants can enjoy increased awareness of how the body responds to touch at different levels, in addition to the healing and therapeutic benefits. The use of aromatherapy oils also helps to heighten other senses and create a perfect relaxing environment.

A Quiet Place Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence Curriculum

The main objective of A Quiet Place is the development of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence

People who are feeling good about themselves are both eager to learn and more likely to be successful in achieving their potential. A Quiet Place has created an Emotional Intelligence Curriculum which is a carefully crafted, scripted programme that helps a person develop all elements of Emotional Intelligence by harnessing the imagination through strategies such as visualisation and story telling.





The elements of Emotional Intelligence are:

  • Managing behaviour
  • Resilience and empathy
  • Self esteem
  • Confidence and awareness
  • Successful communications and relationships

Humans are designed with extraordinary innate ability to heal themselves at every level by tapping into the unconscious mind through metaphor and story telling. It allows a more painless release of tension which can only serve to enhance all the elements of Emotional Intelligence.

Spiritual Intelligence

A deep belief in the human spirit underpins all our work in AQP and its ability to overcome the most amazing odds never ceases to amaze. Our society has medicalised behaviours for reasons various and in so doing has defined behaviours that could have appeared as normal or eccentric in the past. The argument that it is for diagnostic purposes is a moot point as very little is being offered in the way of support for fairly extreme cases and much of this has little enough evidence of impact. It defines individuals as sick instead of positively being in awe of the wondrous achievements humans can exhibit through the most difficult of circumstances.

Spiritual Intelligence was first defined by Zohar and Marshall in their book ‘Spiritual Intelligence: The Ulimate Intelligence’ and seeks to answer the question ‘what am I?  It refers to the individual and corporate experience.

  • Spiritual intelligence (SQ) is the intelligence with which we access our deepest meanings, purposes, and highest motivations
  • Spiritual capital reflects what an individual or an organization exists for, believes in, aspires to, and takes responsibility for.
  • SQ, spiritual capital, and sustainability are critically linked.
  • SQ’s sense of meaning, values, and purpose generates spiritual capital vital any sustainable society.
  • Connection between three kinds of capital (material, social and spiritual) and three major human intelligences (IQ, EQ and SQ):

In AQP we avoid the need to assess, diagnose or label. We seek to support and encourage an environment and programmes that empowers and nurtures spirit. We look at creativity, fun, connection and relationship. When spirit is connected then who knows what may be achieved?

More thoughts on Spiritual Intelligence can be found in our Blogs posts here and here.

Additional Programmes

A Quiet Place offers a range of additional programmes that have been designed to support clients that are looking for extended and more intensive outcomes.

Art of Parenting – Involving each parent every step of the way…

Parents are encouraged into the A Quiet Place room from the offset and are always invited to contribute and benefit from the A Quiet Place Programmes.

Regular relaxation groups can develop into full Art of Parenting programmes when a group is ready. This is an option that education establishments are invited to implement and includes a series of courses that can be run as stand alone projects or to add value with other options.

The parenting courses consist of:

  • Reflective Parenting
  • Emotionally Intelligent Parenting
  • Family Massage
  • Creative Parenting<

It is an educational model that is totally non judgemental, allowing effective and practical approaches to family inclusion. The aims of the programme are:

  • To offer support that empowers parents.
  • To work alongside parents and tailor the courses for the needs of the particular group.
  • To develop a peer mentoring group that will be sustainable and enable them to run their own parent support group for hard to reach families.
  • To build capacity in the community.

The effectiveness of each group is second to none, leading to parental engagement, interest and inclusion within their child’s school and everyday life.

A Quiet Place also offers services to support families in their community, with an ethos geared toward having fun in a relaxed, valued environment.