Personal Retreat

A Quiet Place® offers a unique opportunity for reflection…

A retreat means many things to many people but the definition of the word means to fall back, withdraw or retire – a time to withdraw to a place of seclusion.

A retreat has historically been available in the religious world, and is considered an essential part of the spiritual journey. It is a time for reflection, an opportunity to quiet the chattering mind and allow the spirit the chance to be heard.

AQP in all its work and programmes makes an assumption that we all have ‘spirit’ and in this secular world within which many of us exist there can be a sense of indefinable loss and disconnection. This day is an opportunity for you to experience a quiet place of your own. Whether you are coming for a rest and recuperation from your busy world or to look at reflective practice as part of a leadership programme which you can then more authentically pass onto those for whom you are responsible you will have that space to be designed with you confidentially for your own needs.

The unique nature of this day and your understanding, may ripple on and if you are so inclined it might be a nice thing to purchase for yourself a beautiful book for your thoughts and reflections. If this is an experience that is valuable to you then there are many group retreats available to move you on further into understanding yourself and discover some sense of meaning purpose or not…in your unique story.

A day just for you to refresh and renew energy

Penelope Moon, experienced holistic therapist and author will be your companion for the day at a venue of your choosing.
Following an initial discussion to tailor the programme around your unique needs, a suggested day will be designed from the menu that can be woven appropriately into the time and space available.

What takes place at the retreat?

Refreshments and lunch provided
Well being confidential audit with prescription and top tips for issues
Reflective time during the day

Programme Options

Mindfulness and Meditation
Yoga 4 U
Chi gong
Hand, head and shoulder massage
Psychotherapy around a specific issue e.g. relaxation, anxiety etc.

If you would like to book on to our next retreat please email Penny at