The Grand Opening of Nugent’s Sensory Room

Nugent's supported living service, The Orchards, proudly unveiled its newest addition – the Sensory Room on 22nd November 2023. This transformative space is designed with the intention of enriching the lives of individuals under Nugent's care, and the grand opening was nothing short of spectacular. In attendance were esteemed guests, including the High Sheriff of [...]

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Smile Programme

In memory of our dear friend Claire  Claire was a pure ‘celebration ‘of life in her career, with her family and friends. Claire was the best example of a human being. This ‘A Quiet Place’ programme has been put together for friends and family as well as individuals who might be suffering from anxiety, [...]

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A Quiet Place has taken the decision the formalise its position as a social enterprise. We have been functioning as a small not for profit since 2005. Before that we were informally attached as a charity ‘The Cheiron Project’ to the Department of Education at The University of Liverpool which closed in 2005. To advance [...]

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A Quiet Place at the Heart of Stockton Wood Primary School

Our school shares an ambitious and aspirational vision - we are passionate about ‘Laying the Foundations for Life’ and providing values and the skills for life for our children so that they can thrive and achieve their full potential. We recognise the vulnerabilities and strengths within our school community, gaps in experiences and opportunity and [...]

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These sessions are intended only for AQP Facilitators as they are designed as a developmental model to be used for the protocol individuals only, they reinforce the journey to becoming your best self and reduce anxiety to help with the management of emotions in a positive way.   SESSION 1 This session is designed to [...]

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