Training built around each client…

Training with A Quiet PlaceWith a passion for the provision of quality training and support, A Quiet Place offers a consultancy service that is both innovative and holistic in a number of settings. With a range of services for education and business, the aim is to develop the full potential of individuals within the context of their immediate environments.

Partnership is key to success and whether the client is an individual, a group or a company in the private or public sector, each can enjoy the latest techniques for ‘change’ within an environment.

Clients can look forward to:

• Gaining more effective communication skills.
• Techniques that help build successful relationships.
• Effective decision making processes that are appropriate to their work life balance.

Each member of the A Quiet Place team is an experienced practitioner in their specialist field, delivering best practice across a broad range of traditional and complementary skills at their disposal.

All our training is designed to be adaptable for all ages and abilities. Other training is available on request.

  • Full Facilitator Diploma (one year, available in conjunction with partner organisations)
  • Educational Therapeutics a 3 day (6 module) course with theory and practice underpinning the holistic approach
  • Effective Communications, a 2 day programme looking at various models of communication including listening skills, Transactional Analysis and N.L.P.
  • Bio-Feedback –the use of bio-feedback programmes in education for all ages and abilities to improve performance both academic and sporting, increase resilience and well being. David is a licensed HeartMath trainer.
  • Mersey Mindfulness – simple techniques that can be used by everyone incorporating learning styles and relaxation techniques
  • The Mindful Driver
  • Well Being in the Workplace
  • Performance, Performance, Performance-using the latest brain research for all
  • Well being in education…fitting it all in, a bespoke product designed to fit into schools busy schedules
  • Yoga 4 U- gentle stretching and breathing exercises for anyone
  • Relaxation and guided visualisation
  • Calm Relaxed and Confident
  • Mental health, attachment theory and impact on our behaviour
  • The Magic Carpet
  • Ready Steady Learn
  • Peer massage in class
  • The Art of Parenting
  • Family Massage-appropriate touch
  • Creativity and personal development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Spiritual Intelligence

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