Nugent’s supported living service, The Orchards, proudly unveiled its newest addition – the Sensory Room on 22nd November 2023. This transformative space is designed with the intention of enriching the lives of individuals under Nugent’s care, and the grand opening was nothing short of spectacular.

In attendance were esteemed guests, including the High Sheriff of Merseyside, who lent their presence to the exciting occasion. Joining the High Sheriff was an individual under Nugent’s care, adding a personal touch to the festivities.

Nugent partnered with us, A Quiet Place, and together we brought the Sensory Room to life with the generous support of the National Lottery Community Living Fund.

What sets the Sensory Room apart is its multifaceted approach to well-being. The space offers a range of functions, ensuring it caters to the diverse needs of its users. Among its features are:


Immersive musical experiences have been incorporated into the room to provide a therapeutic escape through sound.

Sensory Experiences

Engaging the senses is at the heart of the Sensory Room. Vibrant colours, textures, and interactive elements create an environment that stimulates and captivates.

Massage/Recliner Chair

A dedicated area for relaxation, complete with a massage and recliner chair, offers a sanctuary for those in need of a calming retreat.

Gentle Drums

The inclusion of gentle drums adds a rhythmic dimension, allowing individuals to express themselves through the universal language of music.

Space to Share with Another Person

Recognising the importance of human connection, the Sensory Room provides a space for shared experiences, fostering bonds and enhancing social well-being.


The grand opening was an emotional and uplifting event, filled with gratitude for all those who played a role in bringing this vision to life. The collaborative effort between Nugent, A Quiet Place, and the National Lottery Community Living Fund has resulted in a room that goes beyond its physical space.

Together, we have created more than a room; we have crafted a haven of joy, connection, and well-being. The Sensory Room stands as a testament to the commitment of Nugent and its partners to provide not just care, but a holistic and enriching experience for those they serve.

We thoroughly enjoyed every moment spent working on this project.

View the video on Nugent’s LinkedIn page by clicking here.