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A Quiet Place provides evidence based, personal development programmes, supporting the achievement of unique outcomes for all ages and abilities, focusing on future aspirations and dreams, whilst drawing upon a completely holistic approach.

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Helping to tackle Anxiety in those with
Dementia and Disability?

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Helping people to manage and relieve
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A Quiet Partnership…

For many years now AQP has worked in a quiet but hugely positive way with Merseyside Development Foundation (MDF) a local charity working with individuals and groups across Merseyside and the North West meeting various charitable objectives. MDF has referred clients to our various services and our work with 16-20 year olds experiencing mental stress, family and educational problems has been commended by them for positive outcomes.

MDF have also helped us access bridge funding and contribute to project funding around research into mental health in schools. As the CEO of MDF has said “A Quiet Place is an invaluable non-clinical resource which we are confident of accessing for some of our beneficiaries. We have always had good reports from users of their services. We look forward to continuing our relationship in the future”

We are optimistic that next few years will see AQP and MDF working together on a number of exciting initiatives including non-clinical mental health interventions for young people, community integration and capacity building for adults, peer support training and school community partnerships.

Are you interested in Franchising?

A Quiet Place is seeking to roll out its training programmes nationally and is looking for partners who share the same ethos, philosophy and commitment and who have training experience to enable this process to unfold.

A Quiet Place is a well established company with a national reputation for its evidence based quality service and effective personal development programmes for both prevention and intervention, that can be adapted for all ages and abilities.

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