In memory of our dear friend Claire

 Claire was a pure ‘celebration ‘of life in her career, with her family and friends. Claire was the best example of a human being.

This ‘A Quiet Place’ programme has been put together for friends and family as well as individuals who might be suffering from anxiety, depression and other forms of mental health.

The Smile programme is a big thankyou to Claire who has supported A Quiet Place for 20 years in each school where she taught. Claire’s legacy has been the powerful impact on thousands of children and families over the years. On behalf of all those children and families we would like to thank you Claire and will miss you forever.

It is a programme which will help in understanding how our brain works and the extraordinary intricate mechanism that manages the ongoing homeostatic hormonal chemistry of our body; and in turn how this may interact with our mind and body to produce each moment of living.