Part of the A Quiet Place process is to get feedback from the parents, here is an example of some of the comments that we get to show how the Quiet Place helps our children deal with their feelings and emotions not just at school but at home.

Parent Comment:

The Quiet Place is a calm and stress free room where Alfie has been able to talk about his feelings and emotions. When he is beginning to feel anxious or stressed he has been taught techniques at home and in school. Mrs Wright has been very helpful and has given me lots of advice and strategies to help Alfie cope with his feelings and anxieties, for example she compiled a story book to help him deal with an operation in hospital. Alfie has really enjoyed his session in the quiet place, he liked the sensory therapy techniques using different oils and smells to calm his mood. He has been ale to talk about his feelings more freely which has helped him to understand them and have better control over them.

– Alison Rigby

This Year

We have had another very successful year in A Quiet Place. We want to take this opportunity in thanking our parents for their attendance and valuable input over the year—the children love their session. Next year we are looking forward to running a massage/ wellbeing morning to equip you with relaxation/ massage tips for you and your family.

See you in September, Happy Holidays,

Mrs Wright.