Guest Blog: Janice – Truth

A dear friend of mine Janice sent me this newsletter on ‘truth’, having asked permission I felt it was worthy of sharing...indeed there is so much negativity, conspiracy, lizard gods, alien spaceships, secret rulers, crazy fundamentalists blah blah to bring hope into what is seemingly a dark world!   Truth is within ourselves, it takes [...]

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Reflections-A Quiet Place Retreat

Who we are looking for is who is looking ~St. Francis of Assisi A little light bulb moment invited me to develop a new programme, a personal retreat with Mindfulness and Reflective Practice as key. It would be on a one to one basis. Ignoring it at first as you do, it started tapping quietly [...]

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Blog for Christmas 2013

I had a reminder of this story that has been about forever but never loses its relevance via Hare Krishna. As a child of the Sixties I remember them tinkling and dancing about our streets with happy grins on their faces, an exotic Salvation Army, wherever did they go? To Russia perhaps, anyway enjoy! Thanks [...]

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