New A Quiet Place at Queen Alexandra’s college opened

Penny Moon attended the opening of our new A Quiet Place The principal, Hugh Williams opened the cafe and A Quiet Place room last week. the learners entered a cake competition and it was judged by a local Michelin star chef. All went well and enjoyed the peace and quiet of our room. Congratulations for [...]

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The Mythtress and the Mathter – Part the first and second

  Myths and Maths Or The Myth-tress and the Math-ter Part the First Once upon a time not so long ago but nearer than you might think there lived a woman of indeterminate age, some say she was young and some say she was old but I will leave it up to you to decide. Her name was Selene and there was nothing she liked better than to gaze at the moon whether it was full and brightening the night into day or whether it was the finest most delicate crescent hanging in the luminous blue of the evening sky…. […]

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Down from the Ivory Tower: a treatise on the dissolution of concretised belief systems

One might ask, ‘what is psychotherapy?’ or ‘what is the point of psychotherapy?’ or ‘what are the outcomes of psychotherapy?’ As a traditional psychotherapist I might answer, we don’t have ‘points’ or ‘outcomes’… probably!  I might simply follow my training model and work within its general fixed historical rules as opposed to looking at the unique context of particular individual’s specific situation. Let’s consider a piece of satire – let’s call our pretend paper ‘Research for real people’ – to help explain why! Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, but not too far away, at the topmost top of a Tower made of the most beautiful and ancient Ivory,(on the back of many elephants before we knew better) there lived a very, very, very clever Professor in a room right at the top. […]

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Gathering Awareness by Penny Moon

Awareness is a state of mind and we have created a wonderful poem for you to read.

What is Spiritual Intelligence?

Defining subtle concepts may always be controversial and intelligence is no exception. For the purpose of this brief introduction I will attempt to look at an overview of definitions. I hope you find it useful. Intelligence: Can be defined according to Weschler as ‘the ability to think rationally, act purposefully and deal with one’s environment’. I.Q measurements as [...]

Say no to Diet drinks

Say no to ‘diet ‘ drinks Interesting links being looked at for Gulf War Syndrome and other ‘mysterious’ illnesses. It has been suggested that when ‘diet’ canned drinks are left in excessive heat the sweetener converts rapidly into formaldehyde and does not revert on cooling… think about it! Aspartame is the most dangerous food additive on the market today, accounting for over 75 percent of adverse reactions reported to the FDA, including seizures and death […]

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Welcome to Mindfulness

Welcome – for the peaceful seeker with dyslexia… Welcome to A Quiet Place.  A Place Full of Mind… […]

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Top ten relaxation techniques

Best and easiest ways to relax and see things clearer

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Welcome to a quiet place

Welcome to your future. Here we will share with you wonderful ways to destress, kick back and forget about your problems and see the world clearer than you have even see in it before. We are all energy and you want to create the right energy so good things flow through you and you can [...]

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National Training Day – Reflections from the Moon

Our National Staff Training day runs twice a year. We always look forward to meeting with everyone and sharing best practice. Most recently we had some new friends who might be interested in the franchising aspects, so an unusual mix. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day despite the lack of sandwiches. Usually they make trays too many and must have decided, as we left a lot previously, this time not to make enough! They gave us chocolate muffins instead as a healthy option. I had already brought a birthday cake for Karen but she took it home. Karen had come down from Children First in Scotland and was sick poor lass, not fun to have to travel when you feel rough however at least her organisation had paid for her and this maybe a first step in the Noo. […]

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