Feature in Penkford School’s Magazine

We’ve been mentioned in Penkford School’s magazine this month! Recently we’ve been working closely with them and have procured a full-time school counsellor and introduced holistic initiatives to help the children with social, emotional and mental health issues. Want to know more? Take a look at the article by clicking here.

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Poem by Rob Atherton

Recently tidying out some drawers I rediscovered in my ‘Lost Art of Storytelling’ folder and Rob Atherton’s poem which was one of AQP inspirational moments. As supply cover I decided to try an experiment using relaxation to stimulate creativity with a small group of ‘gentlemen’ in one of the more challenging classes. They wrote and [...]

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The Pool of Life

I found myself in a dirty, sooty city. It was night, and winter, and dark, and raining. I was in Liverpool. I walked through the dark streets. I had the feeling that there we were coming from the harbor, and that the real city was actually up above. When we reached the plateau, we found [...]

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A Typical Day in the Theta Room

A Typical day in Theta Room - Reflections from staff The creation of a Theta family experience underpins our whole day and the regular rhythm of being home and safe and going into class to develop a feeling of belonging. Our room is deliberately designed to engage different learning experiences and made up of various [...]

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Working with individuals of all ages and abilities – A Quiet Moment

Our work with Age Concern has been showing very interesting results. The report is attached showing how it can impact in different areas from extreme mental health issues to social and befriending services. We will be running a course on Tuesday 19th April here and further details will follow. Please click here to view to [...]

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Child Mental Health Week

Good to see The DUCHESS of CAMBRIDGE getting behind well being to back well being and neuro development in schools. To celebrate child mental health week A Quiet Place is releasing its latest research the Theta Group. Designed to keep children in a primary mainstream school in one of the most deprived areas of Liverpool [...]

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Radicalisation and Terrorism

A Death Cult and the process of brain washing – Thoughts from a Therapist As we look on in despair for the young people who are seeking something more meaningful than our rather apparently dissolute society, I have not been alone in wondering why such extremes are sought and how often apparently intelligent young people [...]

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The Mindful Driver

Driving Test Stress and Road Rage. Cool head…clear mind = safe travelling. Stress and anxiety underpin both these issues, deal with these and you begin to be the driver you and everyone else on the road wants you to be. ROAD RAGE IN UK    29% victims in South East of England 18% in North of [...]

Relax with Moon

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat...  How stressful this time of year has become, from the old mid winter festival when everyone was looking forward to a celebration and a sharing as well as a prayer that the sun would actually come up again..did you know to check this out they used to [...]

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Guest Blog: Janice – Truth

A dear friend of mine Janice sent me this newsletter on ‘truth’, having asked permission I felt it was worthy of sharing...indeed there is so much negativity, conspiracy, lizard gods, alien spaceships, secret rulers, crazy fundamentalists blah blah to bring hope into what is seemingly a dark world!   Truth is within ourselves, it takes [...]

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