Relaxation techniques

The Pool of Life

I found myself in a dirty, sooty city. It was night, and winter, and dark, and raining. I was in Liverpool. I walked through the dark streets. I had the feeling that there we were coming from the harbor, and that the real city was actually up above. When we reached the plateau, we found [...]

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Just Relax

Just Relax was the title of a project, funded by the Big Lottery, and run by Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton in conjunction with A Quiet Place. A Quiet Place designed a bespoke training package, unique to the needs of Age Concern Liverpool & Sefton, and providing ongoing support for the staff who undertook the training. The staff [...]

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Rainbow waterfall

  A yoga nidra, or  deep sleep of the yogi Helps with: Chronic pain Insomnia Stress management   Download Relaxation Technique Part 1 (Right Click and Save As) Download Relaxation Technique Part 2 (Right Click and Save As)

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Yoga session

  A simple, gentle yoga routine for you to do at home or in a group. Always listen to your body. Integral yoga is not excessive in anyway. Pain is a message to STOP. If for example your body can move into a position where it has no pain, then stretch a tiny step more [...]

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Inner Landscapes

A Smooth Guide-for everyday What is meant by Inner Landscapes? By Inner Landscapes I refer to the world of the imagination. This world will be stronger in some who have a vivid imagination than others. For everyone it will be characterised by circumstances and experiences that have occurred in their life, and in particular those with a high emotional charge. […]

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Signs of the Zodiac Relaxation Visualisations

Free Streaming The Weaver of the Web Signs of the Zodiac leaflet   Guided visualisations based on the rich myths of the signs of the zodiac are available one per month during the zodiacal year. The Weaver of the Web will introduce you to the concept and prepare you to start your journey in Aries. Use them for: relaxation [...]

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A Quiet Yoga Class

First of all let me say thank you for the kind welcome from Trinity with Palm Grove Methodist Church who for so many years have allowed our yoga class in their delightful prayer room. This does not go unappreciated by me as I am aware that certain Christian groups are not always comfortable with the concept of yoga. That is probably only because they do not realise what yoga truly is, techniques to be used for a variety of reasons for example well being, managing stress, sleeping better, flexibility exercise or as spiritual practice which underpins all faiths and religions. […]

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Top ten relaxation techniques

Best and easiest ways to relax and see things clearer

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