Our National Staff Training day runs twice a year. We always look forward to meeting with everyone and sharing best practice. Most recently we had some new friends who might be interested in the franchising aspects, so an unusual mix. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day despite the lack of sandwiches. Usually they make trays too many and must have decided, as we left a lot previously, this time not to make enough! They gave us chocolate muffins instead as a healthy option. I had already brought a birthday cake for Karen but she took it home. Karen had come down from Children First in Scotland and was sick poor lass, not fun to have to travel when you feel rough however at least her organisation had paid for her and this maybe a first step in the Noo.

Joan showed new paperwork we have done for non-protocol children. It is so important to focus on outcomes and include the children in their own therapeutic process, it is not a cold thing the way we have done it and Joan is excellent.Then I asked David to share Wild Divine, Dual Drive and Mind Wave as some haven’t seen the new bio-feedback programmes only HeartMath. It certainly stirred an interest.I focussed on ‘Best you can be’ and working with adults so we had fun with body sculpting, anchoring whole body through posture and wilfull movement. I did a relaxation – finding your own temple and cleaning and refreshing and finished off anchoring. Nice to get back to some simple techniques. Karen Scotland said she has used it successfully already.
It will be the last time at the Masonic building as we have booked training rooms in new premises in future – bright and easy. The other training may take place in schools perhaps, we shall see. I want to run some psychotherapy training to get out the Domestic Violence sessions and it is too complex for our Facilitators looking at specifics when they aren’t trained properly with qualification background.I will get myself organised on that eventually….