I was honoured to recently be able to feature in an article for the UK  Council of Psychotherapy website where I got to tell the story of my journey to becoming a psychotherapist and what I’ve learnt since those first days some 30 years ago. Throughout this time, support programmes have vastly changed for young people with learning difficulties and issues at home that impede their progress. When I first began in this field, the provision for these school pupils didn’t take the uniqueness of the child into consideration and was more about numbers than inspiring positive change in the lives of the young people they were supposed to serve.

I’ve been lucky to be at the vanguard of incorporating my holistic therapies such as guided visualisations into support services, taking into account individual needs. Now I am able to provide my therapies where those children are, in schools and other establishments they are involved with. This is something I never tire of feeling the utmost gratitude for.

Read the full article here: https://www.psychotherapy.org.uk/what-is-psychotherapy/how-i-became-a-therapist/penny-moon/