Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

SMSC stands for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development

Mental Health and Well Being

Every School a Good School – A Policy for School Improvement

We have just started our exciting new outreach programme for South Liverpool Primary School partnership. It set me thinking about The School Improvement agenda and so we decided to begin developing a new offer which is really packaging together what we have been offering for some while under one roof so to speak.

A Quiet Place has demonstrated a commitment to the delivery of improvement initiatives over the past 18 years that include powerful evidence of sustainable change with our well established transformational programmes.

The Innovation Award from Liverpool City Council in 2008 was given because of the improvement in science at Middlefield Primary in Speke using our Ready Steady Learn programme.

We always like to use a ‘train the trainer’ model which allows ‘in – house’ delivery which is both inclusive, non –stigmatising and guarantees improvement in behaviour and well being.

What works: Award winning Innovation programme which offers:

  • Clear evidence in the reduction in low level behaviour issues and disruption
  • Improvements in teaching and learning by support well being of staff

Our programmes are designed to have the minimum time out of the regular curriculum for the maximum impact on learning and performance. Delivered by existing staff in order to pass on the expertise to the school or organisation; we then offer a support package to enable them to cascade the programmes into each class and continue to support that delivery.

Known for working with the most difficult issues in house we have also developed a number of other programmes which add value to schools ever changing policy demands; these are:

  • Designed to fill in the gaps as well as to stand alone
  • Differentiated and personalised for all ages and abilities
  • Holistic and inclusive
  • Sustainable

Working in this way we guarantee to leave a legacy of positive change both for the pupils, families and staff.

Mental Health Agenda

The increasing concerns for mental health support in general are well known. Whether delivering one to one sessions, small groups or full classes AQP’s unique approach supports the reduction of anxiety for the prevention of stress related issues will also encourage the brain to learn.

Using methods ancient and modern from the latest Bio feedback software programmes including Heartmath to Mindfulness from Ready Steady Learn to Magic Carpet we prepare the children for learning by teaching concentration , listening and following instructions and also having fun. This will encourage every young person to fulfil their potential at each stage in their development.

Outcomes include:

  • Performance and motivation
  • Emotional Intelligence and literacy
  • Managing behaviour, understanding the science of emotion and how to manage emotions positively
  • Self: Esteem, Awareness and Confidence
  • Communication skills: verbal and non verbal
  • Resilience
  • Empathy

Our programmes are all designed to improve teaching and learning, performance and motivation by underpinning support for well being with pupils, families and staff. They fulfil:

  1. SMSC stands for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. An ‘outstanding’ school will have a ‘thoughtful and wide-ranging promotion of pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development’
  2. Personal development, behaviour and welfare
  3. Leadership and staff welfare
  4. Safe guarding

Our offers include:

  • Self Management and Sanctuary*
  • Ready Steady Learn8
  • Mindfulness* and Reflective practice
  • Peer Massage in Class*
  • Magic carpet
  • Theta
  • Lost Art of Story telling
  • The Art of Parenting*
  • Well being for Staff*
  • Reflective Practice and Retreat
  • Full AQP
  • Bespoke package
  • Consultancy*

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