These sessions are intended only for AQP Facilitators as they are designed as a developmental model to be used for the protocol individuals only, they reinforce the journey to becoming your best self and reduce anxiety to help with the management of emotions in a positive way.



This session is designed to introduce the guided visualisations and teaches, for safety sake, the Magic Button. This in turn is followed by the Tree, a safe place to begin the journey with the companion and guardian White Bird.

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Using handprints to develop the idea of the inner world as islands where many wonderful resources can be discovered, the white bird accompanies and the wren rests in the palm of your hand.

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From the highest point of your island you see the Knight who leads you to the cave where the dragon sleeps on its pile of treasure, there lies a gift for you to go with the shield the knight gives you with the 5 pointed star – on each point are the knightly virtues

Compassion, Loving Kindness, Courage, Generosity of Heart and Courtesy

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On one of the islands is a mysterious waterfall behind which lies a cave where the spirit of the waterfall resides. The gift is speech to all living creatures.

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Now on a journey with your companions and resources you meet a tiny mole snuffling around looking for its home and then a baby bird who has fallen out of its nest, you pick them up and take them with you. Soon the mole finds its home and you release it but the bird grows and when it gets bigger flies away but always returns to you to remember your love and if you are in difficulties it will warn you to take another path.

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This final session brings it all together and celebrates the new you who strides forward head high to the next great adventure in your life.

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