Welcome to A Quiet Place. A dance of spirit.

‘….spirit laughs and dances through every limb, it spins me round and tugs me by the hair…’anon

Interest in Spirituality has been the driver throughout my life. It has informed everything I have done, even the foolish things no doubt. My work in the development of A Quiet Place programmes has been, prompted by spirit, to share the joy, terror, companionship that moves from my comfort zone. Yes, and sometimes even the push to leap from the abyss, because all other options were removed was for the learning opportunity offered. It did me no good to rock quietly sobbing in a corner refusing, those friendly feathery wings always gave me a tap from the nest to fly.

I am delighted to have this opportunity to share the journey of A Quiet Place for our trainees and whoever finds it helpful.

“Spirituality is a state of connectedness to life.  It is an experience of being, belonging and caring.  It is sensitivity and compassion, joy and hope.  It is the harmony between the innermost life and the outer life, or the life of the world and the life universal.

It is the supreme comprehension of life in time and space, the tuning of the inner person with the great mysteries and secrets that are around us.  It is the belief in the goodness of life and the possibility for each person to contribute goodness to it.  It is the belief in life as part of the eternal stream of time, that each of us came from somewhere and is destined somewhere, that without such belief there could be no prayer, no meditation, no peace and no happiness.”

U Thant