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Blog for Christmas 2013

I had a reminder of this story that has been about forever but never loses its relevance via Hare Krishna. As a child of the Sixties I remember them tinkling and dancing about our streets with happy grins on their faces, an exotic Salvation Army, wherever did they go? To Russia perhaps, anyway enjoy! Thanks [...]

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Healthy winter-yoga class

Gina was off last week with a chest infection and I was a little concerned about autumn and health so we had a class focusing on health and preventing infections, of course I always have Rita now 97 to keep an eye on but in truth most of the class are in 70’s and 80’s. So I thought to pass this on some things to consider, for you to research that may be helpful. Of course always check them out if you are under doctor especially if you are taking other medication of course… We are so fortunate to have seasons which are absent nearer the equator, there is a price to be paid for eternal sunshine. […]

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Ofsted fashion challenge

Special measures, poor, satisfactory , good and outstanding a quality assurance venture. from Selena Weaver Fashion House The Luna Collection. There was a quiet sense of anticipation waiting for the Governor to introduce his own collection recommended by Ofsted to get an upstanding result for all schools. The hush in the crowded hall was intense as the audience waited for the ‘Gove’s entrance. A sense of excitement as this adored and admired example of flair and style , indeed a veritable dandy of finery and taste kept his audience waiting  just the right amount of time before bursting onto the walkway. The drum rolled and the audience rose as one as The Gove strode, to his signature sound of ‘Rule Brittania’, like a behemoth, cloak billowing in the draft of his own not inconsiderable wind, cap at a rakish angle across his fine features and famous profile that defined him as a leader and hero amongst men, yes indeed men and I meant men. […]

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Tiny Footsteps

by Penny Moon Once upon a time but maybe not so long ago and not so far from here (of course this depends where you are dear reader at this moment in time) there lived a man called Jack, I know his name well because he was my father and this is the tale he liked to tell, whether you believe it or not is up to you. Now he liked to take a walk every day when he finished work, and it was always in the middle of the afternoon because it was very, very hot there and no-one but a mad dog or an Englishman, and a giant one at that, would be out in the midday sun. You may wonder where he worked for this too has a bearing on the story. Well now, you may have guessed, it is in a country more blessed by the sun then his beloved homeland, he worked in the Middle East, Qatar for those who like to be exact and Umm Said for the even more particular. […]

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Inner Landscapes

A Smooth Guide-for everyday What is meant by Inner Landscapes? By Inner Landscapes I refer to the world of the imagination. This world will be stronger in some who have a vivid imagination than others. For everyone it will be characterised by circumstances and experiences that have occurred in their life, and in particular those with a high emotional charge. […]

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Signs of the Zodiac Relaxation Visualisations

Free Streaming The Weaver of the Web Signs of the Zodiac leaflet   Guided visualisations based on the rich myths of the signs of the zodiac are available one per month during the zodiacal year. The Weaver of the Web will introduce you to the concept and prepare you to start your journey in Aries. Use them for: relaxation [...]

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A Quiet Yoga Class

First of all let me say thank you for the kind welcome from Trinity with Palm Grove Methodist Church who for so many years have allowed our yoga class in their delightful prayer room. This does not go unappreciated by me as I am aware that certain Christian groups are not always comfortable with the concept of yoga. That is probably only because they do not realise what yoga truly is, techniques to be used for a variety of reasons for example well being, managing stress, sleeping better, flexibility exercise or as spiritual practice which underpins all faiths and religions. […]

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Why is Training Important?

At a basic level it shows you how to do the job, then how to do it not only competently but well. The brain is built for learning and relishes new challenges and opportunities for growth whether the personality likes it or not! Training should be relevant, fun, useful and understandable so people will engage and feel they can take away at least one thing from the session to use in all aspects of their life. […]

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What happens in A Quiet Place from a child’s perspective.

The little girl smiled up from the chair, eyes luminous in the softly lit room. She was tiny and undernourished, blonde hair tied back harshly but her smile lit up her face and warmed you deep inside. The chair, a big recliner seemed somehow to enfold her, safe at last. She was playing quietly with some fuzzy felts, her feet contained in the hands of the reflexologist, quiet music played in the background to the accompaniment of the water fountain. The room was filled by a lovely fragrance and an Aladdin’s cave of treasures to delight children of all ages. […]

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A Few Thoughts!

‘Love is like some fresh spring, first a stream and then a river, changing its aspect and its nature as it flows to plunge itself in some boundless ocean, where restricted natures only find monotony, but where great souls are engulfed in endless contemplation’. Honore de Balzac Much has been said about mindfulness, its history from Eastern and ancient religions. Little enough said about western traditions, here’s a few bits and bobs… […]