At a basic level it shows you how to do the job, then how to do it not only competently but well.

The brain is built for learning and relishes new challenges and opportunities for growth whether the personality likes it or not!

Training should be relevant, fun, useful and understandable so people will engage and feel they can take away at least one thing from the session to use in all aspects of their life.

What makes A Quiet Place Training different?

It is educational, holistic, experiential and applicable to all ages and abilities.

It honours feedback and uses the gathered information to inform further training

It is bespoke, the breadth of the training which is personal development in essence means that we can construct training that fits the unique needs of an organisation and therefore is both meaningful and useful both in work and at home.

It used the natural rhythms of the day to focus on differing brain rhythms and styles of learning, from the altered dreaming state of the after lunch moment when relaxation is automatically a part of the programme to more dynamic breathing and stretching at the beginning of the day to settle the brain ready for learning.

It is also important to feel nurtured so a welcoming environment with good food enhances any training experience.

So enjoy training it is good for the soul.